Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wes and Willy - Active Clothes for the Active Little Boy!

I am the mom of three little girls, but most my friends seem to have little boys. They are also telling me how difficult it can be to find adorable boy's clothing. I must admit, buying clothes for my daughter's is a lot of fun, but when I discovered Wes and Willy for boys, I felt a tad bit jealous that none of my children would be able to wear these great pieces. Wes and Willy has a wonderful collection of boy's clothing that is hip and trendy, while being designed to withstand rough and tumble playing. They make everything from jackets (the camouflage jacket is my favorite!) to graphic long sleeved tees to fleece pants. Every piece has some kind of funky detail to make it unique, but the quality is what I really love. Each piece just feels well made, and the fact that it is so cute is an added bonus. I adore my daughters, but with Wes and Willy, I kind of find myself wishing I had a little guy to dress up!

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