Monday, June 11, 2007

Adorable Boy's Clothes at an Afforable Price by Tea Collection!

While it's definitely true that little girl's clothing is just too cute to resist (as shown by the size of my daughter's wardrobes) most of my friends happen to have little boys, and many complain that they can't seem to find the type of cute clothing they would like for their sons to wear. This is why I am thrilled by the wonderful spring and summer collection offered by Tea Collection, one of my very favorite designers. This collection is inspired by the Mediterranean Coast, so most of the pieces include simple whites, vibrant blues, and stunning accent colors. Not only is the clothing unique and simply adorable, but everything is also wonderfully afforable! Who can ask for more? Being a mom of all girls, I have turned all of my friends with little boys onto the Tea Collection line, and they can't get enough. Tea Collection's array of shorts, T-shirts, cargo pants, bathing suits, and button down shirts is really just too cute. Although I love clothing for little girls, I have to admit that when I look at Tea Collection for boy's, I secretly wish that I had a little guy to dress up.

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