Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Perfect Collection by Room Seven

I am the mom of two very girly little girls - with a third on the way! My 4 year old has been on a pants strike for the past two years, and my 2 year old is quickly following suit, so I am always on the lookout for the perfect toddler dress or skirt. Thank goodness for the wonderful selection of dresses, skirts, and tops by Room Seven. I fell in love with every piece, and so did my girls, which has helped us to avoid many morning arguments over what they are going to wear. As long as I lay out a Room Seven dress, we are good to go! The Saffran Skirt has quickly become an all time favorite, paired up with the Tila Embroidered Robin Shirt. I have a hard time keeping this outfit clean because it is worn so much. I personally love both the adorable red flowered Daryl Dress, which my daughter recently wore to her 4th birthday party, and the floral print Dot Dress, that she will be wearing to her preschool graduation. If I had to choose a favorite skirt from the collection, I would have to go with the Simran Skirt, which my daughter wears to playdates, but I can also dress it up for fancier occasions.

Right now we are offering a special 15% off on all of the spring and selections from Room Seven. If you shop by June 14th, you will get some of the cutest clothing around for some of the best prices. I don't know what I would do without Room Seven this season. Anything that makes getting both girls dressed each morning is good enough for me!

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