Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wow - Children's Swimwear with 50+ UV protection!

I love everything about the summer. The beach, the water, the sand, the sun.... And so do my girls. Unfortunately, the one drawback to summertime is my constant worrying about protecting my children's skin from harmful sun rays. Although I may have sunned my body to a golden brown when I was growing up (or in some cases, fried myself to a painful red), I am determined to protect my children's young skin from the same fate. Yes, I could be considered the sunblock mom with the amount that I apply on my kids, but then along came Snapper Rock. This is one of my favorite finds to date! This super cool line of children's swimwear is not only adorable, but it also provides 50+ UV protection from the sun, which means that over 98% of the sun's UVA and UVB rays are blocked. One of the greatest things about this line is that the styles and color combinations are so cute! Snapper Rock offers board shorts for boys and girls, rash guards in boths short and long sleeves, and one piece zippered baby swimsuits for the littlest beach goers out there. I know I have already stocked up for my girls, and since they are cute (and pink) they actually like wearing them. Hey, who knows, I may even save a little money on sunblock this season!

A Word About Sunblock: My sister is a plastic surgeon and since my children were born, she has badgered me about the importance of using a sunblock that has at least 10% zinc oxide as a main ingredient. Apparently, while most sunblocks will prevent the skin from appearing red, only those with zinc oxide prevent the sun's damaging rays from actually being absorbed into the skin. She recommended that I use Blue Lizard Sunblock, and just recently I discovered that Trader Joe's (for those of us lucky enough to have a Trader's Joes nearby) makes a sunblock that has 10% zinc oxide. It is also cheaper than Blue Lizard. Being the water babies that they are, these are the only two sunblocks that I feel will safely protect my children from the sun.

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