Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Caden Lane - Sophisticated and Classy

I was having a really though time finding a diaper bag that was functional, but still looked classy. I was also searching for the perfect crib set my baby #3, who is due any day now. This is why I fell in love with everything Caden Lane. The entire collection of Caden Lane diaper bags and Caden Lane crib sets are simple, sleek, and stylish, but also fully functional with a load of great features. Their diaper bags offer everything you could want from a diaper bag, and I actually gets tons of compliments whenever I am out with it. Designed for mothers who appreciate high fashion and quality, these chic Caden Lane diaper bag are sure to appeal to any modern mom. The bedding is simply beautiful, and most sets are lined with chenille to make it elegant and soft. Caden Lane is quickly becoming a favorite with celebrities, and it's easy to see why. I love my Lola Messenger Bag and the Meryn crib set that I recently chose for my soon-to-be newest addition. Although the bedding looks great in pictures, when it is actually on a crib, it is stunning. My sister chose the Noah crib set for her new baby, and it is also unbelievable. I can't write enough about Caden Lane, except to say that you have to see it to really appreciate the quality and style. If you are looking for class and style in a diaper bag or bedding set, you will definitely find it here!

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