Monday, July 30, 2007

Burgundy Blue - Where functional meets fabulous!

Every once in a while I come across a designer who has managed to create the kind of mom items that I haven't realized I need until I discover them. This is so true with Burgundy Blue. The company was started by a mom, and this is obvious in her creations. One of my favorites is the Portable Blanket and Pillow Set. My daughters love these sets. I keep two in my car, and wherever we are, I have an instant bed and blanket for them, which they love since they know the set is theirs from home. I have also gotten so much use out of the Mommy and Me Yoga Mat. Back when I was the unharried mother of one baby, I used the mat when I actually did have the time to take baby and me yoga classes, which were great. The mat is super handy, easy to transport, and adorable. I have found that everything by Burgundy Blue also make great baby gifts, especially if I am looking for something that is unique. It's often hard to find a gift that will really wow a mom-to-be or a new mommy, but with Burgundy Blue, the wow factor is built right in!

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