Monday, July 9, 2007

Carseat Cover by Bumble Bags

Tired of your old carseat but not ready to buy a new one? Make an old car seat look brand new with this great Bumble Bags carseat cover. These carseat covers are lightly cushioned for supreme comfort, as well as being simply adorable. I had actually been thinking about buying a new carseat, even though the seat itself was fine, because the original fabric on the cover was getting very worn in spots and looked terrible. Being that the seat is now 4 years old, I decided to go for it and chose the cover that matched my Bumble Bags diaper bag in Rosey Stripe. It looks so cute and my daughter seems to love it, being the picky two year old that she is these days! Every one of the Bumble Bags diaper bags has a carseat cover to match.Once again, I love another creation by Bumble Bags. Their products just seem to make my life a little bit easier.

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